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Daniel Shin Leads PortOne Global to the Top of Payment Processing Companies in Asia

A rapidly evolving technological landscape has businesses always striving to better connect with consumers. From the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic to its impact on how shoppers consume products, the way we interface has changed dramatically.

Financial technology (fintech) is a thriving industry brimming with innovation and unique solutions to the problems brought on by our modern hurdles. To better approach these financial hurdles, we’ve highlighted some of the top fintech companies in Asia as of the time of this writing.

Meet the Team at PortOne Global

Leading the charge for our list of top fintech companies in the payment processing sphere is PortOne Global, founded by Daniel Shin. PortOne Global is an innovative payment processing solution that runs over 100 payment methods through its single API. Extremely popular and easy to use, PortOne Global found its way to the market in 2018, where it began in Singapore.

At the time of this writing, PortOne Global is used by more than 2,500 merchants around the globe as well as in Asia. Daniel Shin founded the company while working on his e-commerce platform, TMON, and he continues to work on both in earnest to this day.

The Benefits of Paytm

PayTM is the top payment application in India, founded in 2009, and it seeks to integrate more than half of a billion unserved and underserved Indians into the mainstream economy. Paytm offers wireless payment processing as well as money transfers and online bookings.

Excel With Razer Merchant Services

Merchant services and solutions are the lifeblood of the rapidly growing financial technology world in Asia’s hotbed. Razer Merchant Services was absorbed by the leading lifestyle gamer brand Razer in 2018, and it has since won several awards, including Best Non-Bank Financial Process Exchange from the PayNet MEEA Awards in 2022.

Razer Merchant Services allows businesses to tap into the market, equipping them with a range of payment options and solutions, all through a single programming interface. Razer Merchant Services is an ideal solution for regional startups as it makes complex tasks significantly more accessible.

How GrabPay Is Changing the Market

GrabPay is a dynamic leader in the industry and a Super Application. Based out of Southeast Asia, GrabPay equips its users with access to a mobile wallet and the payment processing abilities to utilize it. GrabPay links credit and debit cards to user accounts while allowing them to earn rewards through their GrabPay Wallet.

GrabPay allows users to make mobile payments while garnering reward points, which can be exchanged for rides, food, and services. GrabPay has become one of Asia’s leading payment processing services, leading to a user base numbering in the millions.

Merchants utilizing GrabPay can utilize the system’s financing options to acquire products and funding to help better manage cash flow.

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